Since the release of the first The King OF Fighters game in 94 fans have always wanted to good adaptations of the fighting franchise event that changed the arcade landscape of the 90’s. Over the years there have been a number of The King Of Fighters comics released in different parts of the world, but mainly China, Hong Kong and Japan. In an effort to help old and new fans to discover these adaptations, KOFworld has gathered the most popular and better comics adaptations of The King Of Fighters and we are working on translating them to English.

This a long and costly project that we will hopefully finish within a year. While KOFworld is a free site we do hope you enjoy this collection enough to donate to help us pay the various translators and web designers as well as the site’s hosting and maintenance fees. We currently accept donations through paypal through the link below.

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Our selection includes both Mangas and Manhuas, and we are also working to add other SNK comic books once we are done with the main KOF comics. so if you were hoping to be able to read the famous MONDO Fatal fury Mangas, or the Mark of the wolves manhua in English, your wish will soon come true.

Please choose which comic you would like to start reading, from the list below, to be directed to your choice’s page and see the available chapters.


The King Of Fighters R

The King Of Fighters Kyo

The King Of Fighters Zillion

The King Of Fighters 2000

The King Of Fighters XIV Prelude Manga

The King Of Fighters: A New Beginning

The King Of Fighters XIV Official Manhua Adaptation