The mobile app for KOF: A New Beginning updated, so the APK link changed for Android users.

Here is the new APK link!

Here is the updated guide!

Thank you, Orochinagi, for pointing this out to us!

In the meantime, you may know me, Saltamiya, for editing the KOF: A New Beginning manga chapters with English text. Because of health reasons that prevented me from editing for the past few chapters, Strugler, the owner of this site, has worked hard to give everyone the chapters.

At the moment, Strugler and I are the only two people working on this site. There may be ads on the site, but those don’t cover what Strugler pays out of pocket for hosting, theme development, and getting translations. We have two other people willing to help with the site at the moment, but we still need help.

This site is a labor of love, so if you are able to use PhotoShop to edit images for manga pages or translate Japanese/Chinese to English, please let us know.