The King Of Fighters Conference

SNK china has announced that a massive conference will be held in Beijing to celebrate The King Of Fighters Franchise’s long history and to make new announcements regarding all kinds of projects related to the franchise.

The conference will host several panels, and will have the theme slogan “King of the past, present and future”. Below is a rundown of the panels and what to expect in each one of them:

The King Of Fighters XIV Panel:

SNK will celebrate the success of the latest installment of the KOF Series, The King Of Fighters XIV.  It is said that new announcement regarding KOF14 will be revealed. Whether these are new content, DLC, or a PC port, remains to be seen.

The King Of Fighters World Panel:

Few months ago SNK has announced The King Of Fighters World, a free to play MMO game for Mobile. Besides having a relation to The King Of Fighters Destiny, not much is known about these new title. Expect announcement and more details to be revealed tomorrow.

The King Of Fighters Destiny:

SNK has made it clear they will reveal new information and clips  from the upcoming The King Of Fighters Destiny animated series, in a panel dedicated to the project. The new anime, which is debuting in Summer, will start from the beginning of the franchise with an adaptation of the First Fatal Fury Game. The series will have a large presence in tomorrow’s conference.

The King Of Fighters Past Present and Future:

A panel dedicated to the past, present and future of the franchise. SNK China vice president will be in attendance to talk about the franchise’ future and the IP’s strategy.

The King Of Fighters Conference will be held tomorrow May 9th in Beijing at 2PM local time, and in KOF style, attendees received the awesome looking invitation letters with a mysterious R signature.

Expect tons of new announcements for The King Of Fighters franchise, and make sure to follow us on twitter @FGCnow to stay up to date on what will be revealed.